Reliable Silent Word Exploit CVEs 2016/2017

Python Powered  Silent Word Exploit. Contact us for more information.
Great Flexibility

Use our Silent Word Exploit Builder and attach any media in your .docx file. There are no limits or issues.Import any file in your document.
Easy Interface

Worrying about complexity ? No more, with our custom created GUI you can generate your file in 3 easy steps. Ideal for new hackers and expierienced.
Stay Silent

Our Silent Word Exploit works by using silent execution bypassing UAC and every installed Antivirus in Windows Operating Systems.
Zero Detection

Stay all the time undetectable by using our unique Silent Doc Exploit. We achieve a unique 0/35 detection result in every no distribute scanner we use.

What exactly is Silent Word Exploit ?

Silent Word Exploit by 0day-Exploits is a builder carefully coded by our developers which can help you penetrate your home computer security or any other computer you have permission.

Simply enter your desired docx or doc file with your exe virus and our builder does the rest for you.

Your docx file is re-generated with your exe virus inside and runs when the user opens the docx file.

What about Antivirus Detection and Runtime ?

Our Silent Word Exploit Builder is fully undetectable (0/35) with private cryptography for each user. Your file will be FUD Runtime.

This means that the delivery of the builder depends on the availability we have.

We make sure to always have two or three Silent Word Exploits with custom cryptography to server you immediately. If we do not have, it takes 2 working days to provide you with one.

What Support Methods Are Available ?

We are committed to provide the best possible experience.

We have added resources and now we can offer support through Team Viewer, Jabber, Skype and email or simple through our forums.

Name your need and we are going to be side by you.

Will the Exploit work on my machine ?

Our Silent Doc Exploit works in all Microsoft Windows Versions from Windows XP up to Windows 10.

We do support both x86 & x64 architecture without the need of any external libraries or requirements to work with.

Are There Licensed Version ?

The answer is simple. NO.

Our Silent Word Exploit Builder comes without any license limitation.

You can use it from any computer for as long as you want.

Quality Coding

This application (Silent Doc Exploit Builder) is a robust and user friendly exploitation tools designed for System Security Professionals.

Individual security geeks, companies and teams are welcomed to inquire.

High Performance

Your usage of our application is subject to our Terms of Services, so we would advise you to read them carefully.

By completing your purchase in any of our products you stathe that you agree with them.

Support 24/7/365

Dedicated Support is always here

Our support is always available. What ever your issue might be regarding our Silent Word Exploit we have the knowledge and the responsibility to assist you.

Silent Word Exploit

Silent Word Exploit Builder with zero detection result and silent execution method. Easily convert exe to docx without issues.

Penetrate your home security with a great solution provided by 0day-exploits. Convert docx to exe without any antivirus detection and be sure about your personal security everyday. Our builder comes without license and we do offer reFUD for about 1/3 of the original price. We also offer 1 Year of free reFUDs. Our Silent Word Exploit is private coded in our tech labs and we offer it in reasonable price. Business and individual security geeks are welcomed to inquire. Do not miss your chance and grab a copy today.

Easy to use with great stabillity and no issues on the proccess. Compatible with any RAT, Keylogger and Botnet available on the market. You can use it with your .exe file or any .jar file for better results, if you are serious into penetrating your home computer or any PC you have permission to, we have the best exploit to acomplish your job. Push your limits and achieve great things with the support and guarantee of 0day exploits team.

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/One Time Payment

Private Version
24/7 /365 Support
1st reFUD Free
Silent Execution
0/35 Detection
Python Based
Windows 10 Support
Word 2016 Support
CVE 2017 & More
Email Bypass

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Microsoft Word 

Silent Exploit Builder,

With 2016 Support.

We aim to provide the best possible expirience to every individual client and team groups. Here in 0Day Exploits we offer high quality Silent Exploits like this one.

What we can help you achieve

Windows Operating System Penetration| Spreading through email | Remote Execute Arbitrary Code | Standing out in the crowd

Silent Word Exploit

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