Silent Excel Exploit

The only undetectable Silent Excel Exploit in the market

0/35 - Silent - Excel 2016

Explore new horizons with a remarkable silent xls exploit We support this exploit, we offer regular updates and free refud for 1 year.

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Coded by experienced coders using python programming language.

Runtime 0/35

Zero Detection in both Runtime and Scantime. Files last long in zero detection.

Private Cryptography

Every version comes with Private Cryptography, do not worry about FUD.

Silent Excel Exploit

FUD at Runtime

Both scantime & runtime delivers zero (0) detection results in every A/V Scanner.

Korean Support

Our Silent Excel Exploit can be deployed and work instantly in Korean Language Windows.

Ready to Use

This Silent Excel Exploit does all the heavy work for you. Just import your virus.

Silent Execution

Forget user messages that raises suspicious. We are offering a Silent method.

Silent Excel Exploit

How to get it.

01. Instant Purchase

Easily get a copy through our website. Every Silent Excel Exploit comes with private cryptography. Like the rest of our exploits, so if there is no stock available you will be informed. Download your Silent Excel Exploit instantly.

How to use it.

02. Read the Manual

A detailed Silent Excel Exploit Guide comes with the download file. Make sure you ready it carefully. If you have any question on how to use it, please contact us. Our support employees are here and will assist you in no time.

What to do.

03. Start Penetrating

At this point you are a proud owner of a truly remarkable Silent Excel Exploit. Go on and hack your own computer, make sure your personal data are secured from attacks and everything works as your PC vendor and Antivirus seller described.

Silent Excel Exploit

Specifications & Requirements

First things first. You are ready to aquire a standalone application with the support of Developing Team.

Standalone program is a program that does not require operating system’s services to run. In fact, we offer a portable application, which can be run without the need for installation procedure. Dependecies like Net Framework and others are not needed.

What you are going to receive has no license attached. It is a lifetime version and we offer refud for it, if you need it. Refud cost is lower than sales price.

  • You are not allowed to share it.
  • You are not, allowed to scan in distribute scanners.
  • You are not allowed in any way to use it for unauthorized access.
Windows OS Systems
  • XP
  • Vista (Works but no support)
  • Seven (7)
  • 8 & (8.1)
  • Windows 10
CVE’s Included
Microsoft Office Support
  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2013
  • 2016
Featured Specs
  • Small Virus File
  • Reliable Support
  • Zero Detection
  • Silent Execution
Silent Excel Exploit

Lifetime EditionSilent Excel Exploit

$ 5.000

One Time Payment
  • Private Cryptography
  •  Free refud  for 1 Year
  •  0/35 Detection
  •  Silent Execution
  •  Reliable Support
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Silent Excel Exploit

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