Remote Administration Tool

Imminent Monitor RAT.
Reliable Surveillance solution.

Imminent Monitor has been programmed from the ground up by highly experienced developer with 10 years of programming experience over the years .

Imminent Monitor has received 60+ major free software updates since it’s first version.

0Day Exploits offers reliable support solution with Imminent Monitor RAT.

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Imminent Monitor RAT

Remote Desktop

Control your remote clients at high speeds exceeding 60 frames per second achieved by using highly advanced motion detection algorithm.

Reverse Socks5/HTTP Proxy

Enable your client as a reverse proxy which combines your network with your clients, in order for full remote administration.

Live Voice Chat

Real-time voice call with your client without any delay. Provide to your clients the best quality remote assistance.

Extended Plugins

Download user created plugins from the community or code your own with ease If you are a .net developer and share it with other users.

Remotely Transfer Files

With our highly advanced file manager feel free to transfer files remotely no matter the size, Imminent Monitor can handle files of all sizes.

Friendly Support

Receive A Grade class support from 0Day Exploits. Our professionals are always here to assist you in any step.




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  • Customer Support
  • License Reset Available
  • Free Imminent Setup
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Additional License 50$
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