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Gorynych Diamond Fox

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Diamond FOX is one of the most advanced botnets every created. It is very easy to use with a lot of advanced features that other botnets do not have.

Gorynych Diamond Fox

Reliable Botnet

Diamond FOX is an piece of art you can count on. Make sure you work with only the best botnet available and accomplish your goals in no time.

Cloud Performance

Your copy of DiamondFOX is available on the cloud. Connect from any place in the world using dynamic or static IP.

Automated Tasks

Make daily tasks automated. Time consuming jobs now belongs to the past. Dozens of actions can be automated now days.


  • Fallback panel.
  • Custom Connection time.
  • Encrypted connections.
  • Encrypted data inside the bot.
  • Custom User-agent.
  • Anti-Sysanalizer.
  • Anti-VirtualBox.
  • Anti-VMWare.
  • Anti-Anubis.
  • Anti-OllyDBG.
  • Disable Regedit.
  • Anti-Sandboxie.
  • Anti-Norman.
  • Anti-Researchers.
  • Anti-Wine.
  • Disable Taskmanager.
  • USB Spread.
  • Spread Dropbox.
  • File Extention Selector
  • User Acount Control Forcer.
  • Task status viewer in the web panel.
  • Lite bot support
  • Automatic clipboard for User-Agent.
  • Automatic Xor password Generator.
  • Plugin detection


  • Download and execute (in memory)
  • Download and execute (on disk)
  • Open website (Visible)
  • Open website (Hidden)
  • UDP Flood
  • HTTP Flood
  • Enable / Disable Host Editor
  • Enable / Disable PoS Grabber
  • Spam with bots (inbox)
  • Bitcoin Wallet Stealer
  • Facebook / Twitter Message spread
  • Firefox homepage changer
  • Enable / Disable Keylogger
  • Take screenshot
  • Password Grabber (Chorme, Firefox, Opera, IExplore, Safari)
  • FTP Grabber (Filezilla)
  • Instant Messaging Password Grabber
  • Grab EMAIL, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • FTP stealer plugin.
  • Keylogger plugin.
  • Instant messaging stealer
  • Anti-researcher function.
  • Random Access Memory use.
  • Update bot
  • Uninstall


  • Added Facebook/Twitter message spreader Plugin
  • Added Firefox Homepage Changer Plugin
  • Source Code optimization
  • Added File Extension Selector
  • Improved bot size
  • Improved installing routine
  • Improved melt routine
  • All Bugs on Windows 10 fixed
  • Updated keylogger module
  • Improved Task status viewer
  • Improved memory storage
  • Better identification of lite bots in the webpanel
  • Improved load time
  • Added SysClean (Bot Remover)
  • Added New shellcode to the runpe.
  • Added bitcoin wallet stealer.
  • Added two methods for store the data inside the bot.
  • added lite builder tab.
  • Added automatic grabber routine.
  • Added trick for UAC execution.
  • Added Lite Ring Rootkit using Admin rights. (Hide key in registry [All OS Versions])
  • Anti-Wine.
  • Spread Dropbox.



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  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Newest Version Guarantee
  • Setup within 2 Days
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