Easy DDOS Tutorial for Newbies

How to ddos attack

Easy DDOS Tutorial for Newbies

The easiest way to ddos someone or a webiste is to download a specific program

IP Ddosing – http://sourceforge.net/projects/loic/

Website Ddosing – http://sourceforge.n…horbitioncannon

If you want to DDOS your friends , you need their IP. You must have their skype name. Just enter their username at http://resolvethem.com/index.phpor http://mostwantedhf.info/ to get their IP . When you get their ip , copy it , run the program and paste it where it says IP. Click Lock on and select your options . Then just click “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER” Then there you go , R.I.P your friendship .

If you want to DDOS a website , you just need the url or link . Download the program and extract the file to your desktop. Open the “hoic2.1.exe” . Now click the + on the right side and then enter the URL you want to DDOS . Select the options you want and then click Add. Now all you gotta do is “FIRE TEH LAZER ” and then there you go.

Remember this tutorial is for new entry level users and only.

This is not a proffesional method on how to ddos.